A Guide to Successful Layering for the Colder Months

If you’re like most guys, you think a heavier coat is all that’s required to battle falling temperatures. However, an insulated outerwear piece is only part of the equation. There’s still a look underneath that requires your attention. When you pull off your coat, you could still be faced with challenges if you haven’t layered appropriately. What if the office feels like a freezer? You can’t head into your next business meeting wearing a parka. This is where proper layering comes in handy. During the day, you need the flexibility to adjust your look to the temperature

A Guide to Successful Layering for the Colder Months

Wear Pieces That Can Stand on Their Own

Don’t incorporate pieces with flaws into your layered look. If your woven dress shirt has a hole in the back, don’t think it’s okay to wear underneath your sweater. If you find yourself in a room that feels like a furnace, you might need to take off your sweater. And then, your dress shirt’s hole will be on full display. Every part of your look should stand strong on its own. Make sure the strength of your shirt doesn’t depend on your sweater and vice versa.

Know the Purpose of the Layers

It’s important to understand that your outfit should consist of multiple layers and each of those layers serves a purpose. Your inner layer, which is typically an undershirt, is the foundation and the only part that stays hidden. From there, you need a shirt layer, middle layer (sweater or light vest) and your outer layer (that parka you love so much). The shirt layer and middle layer should be in excellent condition and able to carry your look without any assistance from another layer.

Watch Those Hems

Though some guys think it’s cool to let their shirt tails hang out, they’re not doing themselves any favors. No matter how stylish you are, leaving your shirt untucked in a layered look just appears lazy and messy. For best effects, make sure your inner hems are never longer than your outer ones. To keep your look clean and stylish, this rule should be followed closely.

Control Your Color Impulse

In a layered look, every piece doesn’t need to be the star of the show. It’s best to use one statement color and keep the rest of your look in neutral territory. For example, if you’re using a pink woven dress shirt, bravo for taking a chance with your color scheme, but don’t layer a yellow sweater over it. Try a grey pullover instead. The strong colors should accent your look but not be its driving force.

Don’t Forget the Other Inner Layers

The conversation around men’s layers often revolves around the upper body. But in especially cold climates, some layering must happen below the belt, too. Long johns or thermals are crucial in freezing temperatures. And warm socks are necessary to protect your feet, one of your most vulnerable extremities. Our Bradley Boot Socks are crafted from bison down, the same wool that keeps bison warm in subzero temps.

Without a doubt, winter is the time to layer up. Just make sure you’re doing it correctly.