Beat the Holiday Blues: Try These Instead of Resolutions

The holidays are a crazy time. Depending on your relationship with your family, you may have spent the last two weeks pulling your hair out. Without a doubt, your celebrations have included a little too much eggnog, some extra cookies and a lot of turkey. Throughout the holidays, it’s customary to overindulge: eat a little too much, spend more than you should, relax your gym routine. After the holidays, what do you do to get back on track? How do you regain your footing to kick off the year on a strong note? Sure, you can create some resolutions, but like rules, they’re made to be broken. If you want to make some real progress in 2017, look to these traditions for inspiration.

Beat the Holiday Blues: Try These Instead of Resolutions

Make a Goal List

Resolutions are often singular focuses. When you kick off the New Year feeling renewed, you chase after your resolutions with a ferocious energy. Eventually though, that energy will wear off. Without clear actionable goals on paper, you’re sure to fall off track by February 1. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds this year, set smaller goals for yourself. Commit to losing 1 pound per week or simply commit to working out three times a week for 30 minutes. Try moving up one hole in your Raleigh Bison Leather Belt every month or two. Figure out some additional goals that are progressive in their difficulty as you move further into the year. Set yourself up for success.

Write Your Mantra

2017 may not be defined by a single goal. Instead, you might find yourself looking back on a frame of mind or fresh perspective next January. Think about how you want to approach life. Maybe you want to see the positive in everything or express gratitude more often or eliminate the negative people from your inner circle. What will you stand for this year? Figuring this out can guide your year to new heights.

Assess Your Finances

If you’re like most, your wallet is probably reeling from some excessive holiday spending. However, the new year isn’t just about knee-jerk reactions to bad decision making in December. What are your financial goals this year? Do you want to save more aggressively for retirement? Do you want to make smarter investments? Maybe you’re planning a career change and you need a bigger emergency fund? Assess your current finances and identify the steps you should take to hit your new goals.

Try Something New

There’s no time like the present to try new things. Get a new haircut, try your hand at cooking a new food or register for that screenwriting class you’ve been thinking about. Wow your friends with a new style including our Hampton Palm Tree leather tab and fabric belt. After the holidays, you might be filled with an aggressive new energy to dive into something fresh and different. Don’t let that energy fizzle out-channel it into something productive that enhances your life and possibly provides you with a new skill set.

The most common New Year’s ritual is clearly the resolution. But this January, use your newfound energy to make a long-lasting impact on your entire year.