Biggest Style Moves to Make Before Spring

Though it’s hard to believe, Spring is almost here. Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but relatively speaking, that’s not so long. With warmer weather just around the corner, there’s only a little bit of time left to nail the season’s biggest trends. It’s time to break out your Sherpa coats, suede Chelsea boots and cord pants before you no longer can. Soon, we’ll all be relegated to shorts, t-shirts and handsewn drivers with bare feet. If you’re at a loss for what sartorial moves to squeeze in these next few weeks, here are a few suggestions.

Biggest Style Moves to Make Before Spring

Get A Pair of Bucks

Bucks are a classically stylish shoe with a casual edge. Defined by their nubuck leather uppers and brick red outsoles, they offer a distinct look that works best when it’s still chilly or the weather is transitioning. Pair them with chinos for a smart casual look. They’re always appropriate for the occasion without pushing your look too far to the formal or casual side. Our Spencer Sport Buck Shoes in White Nubuc are an alluring style move to help you out stand out as the seasons change.

Wear Some Copper

And not the metal. Last October, GQ UK declared copper the official color for this winter. Copper occupies the space between orange and red. It’s a very particular color that screams elegance and adds deep vibrancy to dark looks. For sure, it’s a winter color that looks like a rich jewel tone. Rich jewel tones don’t transition well to Spring. Get a statement copper piece like a dress shirt or overcoat while you still can.

How About a Knitted Polo?

Polo shirts can work year-round, but if you’re looking specifically for a transitional piece, look no further. Polos are great for colder temperatures because they work as a strong shirt layer in more relaxed environments. As the temps slowly rise, it becomes a strong standalone piece in its own right. Knitted polos work great because they have a bit more weight than luxe versions made from polyester or synthetic blends. Be sure to pick up one that’s mostly solid and not heavily branded. After all, this is a piece you’ll be able to wear for many seasons to come.

Get Your Loafers Ready

Some guys keep their loafers in step even when it’s cold, but for the rest of us, the return of Spring is the ultimate signal that it’s time show some ankle. Our Verona Driver Loafers are a great option for their superior quality. They’re hand sewn and made of genuine leather. They also have rawhide leather lacing. These are loafers that are built to last, enhance your style and they’ll even keep your feet warm on those chillier March days.

As we enter a transition period, it’s crucial that you know which looks are on their way out and which ones will carry you over into the next season. Saying hello to Spring doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to winter’s great style.