Choosing the Highest Quality Dress Socks

Buying socks seems like an easy thing to do. You head to your nearest department store, pick through a table or a bin full of 3-packs and select whatever stands out to you. Most guys select their socks based on size and design but they rarely think about fabrication. If you find yourself buying new socks every couple months, maybe it’s time to ditch the 3-packs and invest a little more money into what goes on your feet.

Choosing the Highest Quality Dress Socks

High quality dress socks are important because they dictate your comfort all day long. The wrong sock can make your feet itchy, leave them poorly insulated against the outdoor conditions and even make them ache by providing little cushion between your feet and the soles of your shoes. Great socks are stylish, comfortable and supportive. They require you to spend a little more but they’re worth every penny.

What Makes a Great Dress Sock?

A high-quality dress sock has a few key characteristics that justify the higher price tag. They’re moisture wicking, like a Nike Dri-Fit t-shirt. They whisk moisture away from your feet. This is important because your feet are two of the sweatiest parts of your body.

These socks will also be padded to protect your foot against your shoe’s impact with various surfaces. They should reduce or completely cancel out the rubbing sensation between your heel and the back of the shoe.

Lastly, these socks should be snug. They should offer a slim fit that doesn’t bunch up in your shoe or around your ankle. You want your socks to stay firmly planted all day long. Loose socks will force you to bend down and adjust repeatedly.

What Sock Length Should I Choose?

When you wear dress socks, you want to keep your ankles completely covered. Therefore, ankle socks are out of the question for everyday office wear. Opt for a knee-length or mid-length dress sock. You’ll get the desired coverage and even some added protection against wind and cold.

What Are Great Dress Sock Materials?

You’ll come across a plethora of dress sock materials, and it’s important to avoid choosing based on the price point or the way they feel. Synthetic fabrics (i.e. polyester and acrylic) often feel soft. However, they’re so thin that they provide little support or cushioning and often fit poorly. Their one benefit is moisture wicking. But you need more than one benefit.

Wool is great for cold weather and chilly mornings. Though it’s bulky, it offers unmatched insulation. For unrivaled softness and warmth, try our Bradley Bison Down Boot Socks.

Cotton is a perfect choice for year-round wear. We’re not talking about the thick cotton used for gym socks. Mercerized cotton is the way to go. It’s cotton that’s been treated with sodium hydroxide to strengthen the fabric. This makes the cotton more durable and gives it a more luxurious appearance. Our Hadley mercerized cotton socks are a prime example of the comfort and style advantages of the process. They’re offered in stripes, argyle and polka dots.

Buying dress socks isn’t as easy as it seems. But with a little attention to detail, you can end up with accessories that offer style and function with longevity. Share this: