How to Dress to Impress

How to Dress to ImpressThere’s an old saying that the clothes make the man.  And in many instances, this is true.  The clothes do make the man.  Or at least, the clothes make the impression of a man.  Whether you’re a top executive, a hustling underling or a free agent, the way you dress can communicate your level of seriousness and trust in the workplace.  Plus, it can be a symbol of attraction for potential partners.  There’s really no disadvantage to being well-dressed.  The following tips are some quick ways to ensure you always dress to impress.

Pay Attention to Fit

Even if you’ve spent $1,000 on a suit, a poor fit will make it look like 5 bucks.  With any garment you wear, you should pay attention to how it fits your body.  Forget about trends or what an eager salesperson tells you.  Your primary goal should be looking good, and the only way to do this is in clothes that fit.  Don’t wear clothes that are too tight.  For example, your shirt sleeves should rest atop your biceps but not squeeze them.  You should be able to grasp an inch of fabric around your trouser leg.  These are benchmarks for the right fit.  And vice versa, you shouldn’t have extra shirt fabric billowing over your beltline, and the seat of your pants shouldn’t be flapping in the wind.  When dressing to impress, fit is everything.

Wear a Luxury Item

Sometimes, one quality piece can elevate the feel of your entire look.  Instead of a basic pair of leather oxfords, try something with embossed leather instead.  The Croco Leather Horsebit Driver Loafers are beautifully polished and characterized by distinct chrome horse bit detail.  Though loafers can veer into relaxed territory, these shoes represent masculine sophistication at its best.

Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors-black, navy, grey-are always a safe bet.  They offer tremendous versatility when it comes to matching accessories.  In formal scenarios, they’re never out of place.  Neutral colors are slimming and give you a foundation upon which to create a winning look.  You can work personality into neutral ensembles with bold accessory choices like a polka dot pocket square or a striped tie.  You can even choose neutral shoes like our Brown Tumbled HorseBit Drivers to keep the theme consistent.  Neutral colors will always make you look your best and keep you appropriately dressed for life’s most elegant events.

Don’t Skip Grooming

Yes, grooming doesn’t involve clothing but it’s still a central focus of your look.  If you pull together a stunning tuxedo with crisp accessories, but you haven’t shaved in four days, what do you think people will notice first?  It’s okay to wear facial hair in formal settings but keep it under control.  Make sure your beard stays trim, clean and moisturized.

Keep Your Clothes Pressed

Wrinkles are a man’s worst enemy.  They’re unsightly and pull away from the effectiveness of your aesthetic.  Additionally, bad wrinkles can alter your appearance by ruining the drape of your blazer or the break in your suit pants.  If you want to look your best, take the time to iron your clothes or get them dry cleaned.

Dressing to impress isn’t just about the clothes; it’s about the total package.  Go big with your statement, but don’t skip the details.