Elk Skin Is the New American Exotic Leather

When it comes to exotic leathers, they’re typically attached to somewhat exotic animals. Crocodile skin, ostrich, alligator, stingray, snake, lizard—you name it. But a new exotic leather is taking the market by storm and it doesn’t come from a slimy creature that’s likely to be found in the tropics. Elk hide is growing exponentially in popularity and with good reason. There are several benefits that help it rank far above the exotic leathers most Americans are accustomed to wearing.

Elk Skin Is the New American Exotic Leather

Elk Skin’s Benefits

Exotic leathers like ostrich or lizard are fussy. They’re incredibly expensive and don’t stand up against the elements. An afternoon thunderstorm can quickly send hundreds of dollars down the drain. That’s not a concern with Elk skin.

It’s naturally resistant to moisture and oils. So, you won’t have to fret about long-term damage from that downpour. Additionally, it’s known for incredible dexterity. Whether it’s in the production process or when it’s on your feet, Elk skin doesn’t stiffen or crack like cowhide. This is a durable leather that stands up against whatever comes its way.

For many in the industry, Elk skin is considered a top grain. This means it has the highest quality of all leather types on the market and has the most longevity. That durability doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. It feels soft and smooth, and it aids in performance.

Where other leather shoes tend to stretch after repeated wears, Elk skin holds its shape. Its strong grain stays intact over time whether you wear it every day or unexpectedly put it through the ringer outdoors.

And speaking of putting it through the ringer, don’t worry about tearing or scratching. Just as that strong grain holds up against moisture, oils and exhaustive use, it also holds its own against uneven surfaces. Elk skin is leather that will stick with you through the years.

The New American Classic

Our Sundance Elk Leather Driver offers a prime example of the new American exotic leather at its best. Hand sewn from American Elk and fashioned as a penny loafer, the Sundance is a new American classic. It comes complete with a leather-covered cushioned insole and rubber outsole. Not only is this shoe durable and stylish—it’s pure comfort, too. Offered in sizes 8-13 in a luxurious dark brown, this is accessible elegance that will be a wardrobe staple for you for many years to come. Grab the matching Raleigh Elk Skin Leather Belt for a coordinated look.

In the past, exotic leather was the exclusive territory of design houses who stuck premium prices on hides that were easily damaged and difficult to care for. Elk skin offers a strong, masculine alternative that’s American made and has the strongest quality in the fashion industry. With an emphasis on style, comfort, durability and support, Elk skin offers an unbelievable amount of value. This hide has welcomed in a new period of exotic leathers. Forget alligator and ostrich. It’s time to welcome the era of the Elk.