How Bold Socks Can Boost Your Style

Socks may be the most underrated part of a man’s wardrobe. There’s a lot of fuss over shirt patterns, pant fits and suit cuts. And even when accessories are scrutinized, it’s usually the tie or pocket square that gets the lion’s share of the attention. Socks are usually an afterthought. Though that wouldn’t be the case if men understood the power that a pair of bold socks brought to their look. The perfect pair of socks does more than keep your feet covered. They’re the single accessory that takes your professional and personal aesthetic into exciting new territory.

How Bold Socks Can Boost Your Style

Turn Heads

If you think it’s a $2,000 suit that’s going to get you noticed, think again. It’s your socks. While you’re standing at the bar, flashing a bit of bold sock to the single ladies, you’re giving them the perfect entry point. A guy who’s willing to show up in a pair of crazy socks is a guy who could bring some excitement to a date. Think of your socks as the ultimate icebreaker.

Break Rules

At the office, breaking some rules might cost you your job. But breaking the style rules can get you noticed for all the right reasons. Take for instance our Hadley Dress Socks in green polka dots. While the look may not seem professional or traditional, that’s the point. You’re throwing out the old workplace style rule book. When your supervisor or peers see that, it’s an indication that you’re flexible and willing to throw out some other rules too. You don’t have to shout over others in your next meeting. Just switch up your sock choice.

Show How Much You Care

More than anything, a carefully selected pair of bold socks shows that you care about your appearance. Especially when they’re paired with a pair of our crisp Horsebit Driver Loafers. If you’ve taken the time to tend to this tiny detail in your look, it’s an indication that similar detail will be paid to big projects or tiny milestones in a relationship. A detail-oriented guy is one who succeeds on the both the personal and professional fronts.

Power Through

Incorporate red into your socks and it’ll be a show of power. Studies have shown that red is often a color associated with authority in the professional world. This is why interviewees are encouraged to wear red in some part of their outfit during the evaluation process. It’s a show of confidence that’s universally understood.

Have Fun

Bold socks show that you’re willing to have fun. There’s nothing wrong with plain navy or black dress socks. But plain is so boring. Bold choices, like the Hadley in red and black stripes, can bring an air of whimsy and fashion awareness to any look. They’re a quick and easy way to add some edge to an outfit.

The next time you’re seeking to gain the upper hand in a contract negotiation or win the favor of that special someone, change your socks. You’ll be surprised at the results.