How to Dress for Summer: The New Rules

Summer has always been the season to relax your dress code. You can show up to the office sans tie, rock your loafers without socks, and get away with wearing a t-shirt to happy hour. The warmer it gets, the more focused you are on comfort. However, there’s a downside to dressing for the heat. For some guys, summer style means living in board shorts around the clock. For others, it means misusing popular seasonal patterns like madras and seersucker. While it’s necessary to switch up your style for hot, summer days, there are some new rules to follow while doing so.

How to Dress for Summer: The New Rules

Embrace the Lightweight Suit

It’s easy to understand the appeal of a seersucker suit. The fabric is breathable and the bold design helps you stand out amongst the crowd. However, as time goes on, it becomes more of a kitschy item than a daring style move. Stay cool this season in some other fabrics like cotton, summer-weight wool, or linen. A khaki suit crafted from one of these airy options will keep you looking sharp and feeling breezy.

Show Your Ankles

The less covered up you are during the day, the cooler you’ll be. It’s no secret that our feet get sweaty under normal conditions. Summer tends to make it worse. You’ll want to wear versatile footwear that’s stylish but will let your feet breathe. Our Verona Driver Loafer is an elegant choice with a memory comfort leather-lined insole that offers unparalleled comfort. If you’re not keen on going completely sockless, stock up on loafer socks so you can still achieve the look while keeping your feet covered.

Find the Right Accessories

Accessories make the man just as much as his suit or his shoes. The sum of the parts can add some serious personality. When it comes to watches, leave your Rolex at home and opt for something that’s waterproof like a diving watch. Concerning sunglasses, be sure to pick a pair that fits your face shape. Don’t worry so much about trend. Aviators don’t work for every guy. And choose belts that give you room to breathe. The Hampton Tab Belt packs in major style with its Briar leather tab, solid brass buckle with nickel finish, and its comfy nylon blend strap. Better yet, you can choose from a wide range of designs like nautical flags, Florida palm trees, and the American flag.

Go Bold at the Beach

Board shorts have gone through quite the evolution over the years. Gone are the days of the baggy utility look. Instead, they’ve been swapped out for shorter, slimmer trunks that are cut just like your favorite dress shorts. This summer, brighten up your beach look with bold designs in place of boring solids. From stripes to polka dots to beach scenes, no print is off limits. Stand out on the shore instead of blending in.

The new summer style rules are about finding a way to beat the heat while advancing your style to a new level.