The New Rules of Golf Style

The New Rules of Golf Style main imageFor so long, golf style has been defined by some bad choices: relaxed fit, pleated pants, dad hats, boxy polo shirts.  Dressing for the country club was more about the game than the fashion statement.  But these days, a new crop of young golf professionals are taking the game by storm.  Rightfully so, it’s time to adopt some modern rules for the golf course.  Before you tee off, make sure you’re abiding by the new rules of golf style.

Go Slim

Golf is a sport that requires patience, skill and agility.  To improve your handicap, you need to hit the course in clothing that allows you to move.  When you show up swimming in your polo shirt and the bulky ends are hanging over your beltline, you’re inhibiting your performance.  You’re working against gravity and a whole lot of fabric.  Go for a polo that’s cut slim and made of a moisture wicking fabric blend.  This will allow you to move without worrying about restricted movement or sweat.  Plus, it’ll flatter your physique.

Flat Front is the Way to Go

Khaki pleated pants were retired to the ‘bad fashion’ file years ago.  Yet still, guys are showing up for 18 holes in unsightly baggy pants.  These days, only luxury design houses can be trusted with pleats.  And even then, it’s a gamble.  Flat front pants are the only way to go.  Like slimmer polos, they flatter your physique and free up your lower half for fluid movement.

One Tradition Survived

Saddle shoes have always been a favorite of golfers.  They were popular with athletes in the 50s but became more of a niche style choice.  The golf course is the only place where they’ve continued to be part of the uniform.  Our David Saddle Shoe is characterized by its tumbled ivory and walnut contrast.  The brick red mini-grid rubber outsole adds stability as well as additional style.  These saddle shoes have function and personality.

Have Fun with Your Accessories

While golf outfits tend to err on the conservative side, you can always have fun with your accessories.  One such example is our Hampton Tab Belt.  It comes in 7 different resort patterns, one of which is an actual golfer.  Other key patterns include the American flag or palm trees.  The Hampton offers a subtle way to liven up your look without breaking the country club dress code.

Don’t Forget to Ask

Fit and modernity should always be concerns in any men’s fashion scenario.  But when golfing, it’s always important to check the rules.  Every course and country club has its own set of guidelines.  You might be dressed to the nines, but there are some things that just aren’t allowed.  Don’t forget to do your research before you show up.

Dressing for the golf course is a tricky task to pull off.  You must consider tradition, functionality for the game and the rules of the course.  However, regardless of what adjustments you must make, you should always be contemporary and look your best.