Shoes Every Man Must Own

Menswear has been going through a sort of bratty, experimental phase the last few years. Streetwear has seeped into every aspect of men’s fashion. Not even the refined style of Italy’s best dressed men is immune. But still, even though streetwear’s popularity is at an all-time high, there are several occasions in which sneakers just won’t work. Classic men’s shoes have been around for centuries because men always need to suit up. Whether you work in a traditional environment or you’re headed to a black-tie event, you’ll have tons of reasons to look your best. When it comes to footwear, every man should have at least one pair of the following styles in his closet.

Shoes Every Man Must Own

Loafers/Driving Shoes

The loafer is a versatile shoe. At its most formal, it can add a sense of attitude when worn sockless and paired back to sleek trousers. At the other end of the spectrum, it can add polish to a casual look. Loafers can elevate a pair of chinos to the next level with ease. You should always have a pair of brown loafers on hand for those days when you don’t want to wear socks or put much thought into your shoe choice. Our Sundance Bison Leather Driver is a classic style, rooted in comfort with its cushioned insole and rubber outsole. Our Magellan Drivers offer a more casual take inspired by moccasins. Lastly, the Tumbled Leather HorseBit Drivers offer some extra style with their walnut and sandstone color options.


The oxford is the standard definition of a classic dress shoe. Defined by its polished patina, distinct stitching and no-frills design, the oxford is as basic as it gets. There’s no situation in which an oxford is inappropriate. Where a driving loafer may not work at a black-tie fundraiser, the oxford fits in everywhere. And if you’re looking for a shoe with some more flair, the oxford can take on personality with non-traditional color and material choices. Our Spencer Buck or David Oxford Saddle shoes go from around town to sporty dress up event. Ultimately, this shoe is for the man who wants to finish off his look with style.


Wingtips are less formal than oxfords. With their perforated leather toe, they’re less polished but just as stylish. Keep a pair of these on hand for semi-formal occasions where you want to throw in a subtle element of surprise. Or buy them in Tan and wear them every day, even with jeans.

Chelsea Boots

In recent years, the millennial shopper has resurrected Chelsea boots and elevated them to in-demand status. But they’ve always been there. Chelsea boots are sleek and adventurous. They’re perfect for pairing back to suits, but can also freshen up a denim look. Get yours in dark brown leather. You also see guys frequently wearing them in suede.

There are tons of shoe styles on the market. A shoe fanatic could fill a walk-in closet with everything that’s available. But when it comes to the basics, these four styles can get you though every scenario.