Spring Essentials: Navy Shoes

Navy is probably a part of your wardrobe in some way. Surely, you have a navy suit hanging in your closet when you need a reprieve from wearing black but you still want the formality it provides. During the Spring, navy is present in nautical-themed clothing from polo shirts to shorts. It’s rare to view a Spring/Summer collection that doesn’t include the color in at least a few key pieces. But one place you haven’t thought to incorporate navy is your shoes. When you sneak some navy into your outfit via your footwear, it opens up a world of possibility. Navy is already compatible with almost every color. When reduced to a smaller supporting role, it can be that singular touch of confidence you need to finish off a strong look.

Spring Essentials: Navy Shoes

At Work

When you take a risk with your office style, it’s crucial that you do it well. Pair our navy Croco HorseBit Loafers with a suiting look for an aesthetic that pushes traditional style just left of center. The key to making your shoes shine is to avoid all navy or all black from the ankle up. An all-black suit won’t provide enough variation to make the shoes stand out while an all-navy look will be too monochromatic. Mix and match black and blue pieces while throwing in some pop colors with your dress shirt and accessories.

At Play

You have more room to play on the weekend. Our Verona Driver Loafers with the flashy red outsole are the perfect way to dress down without sacrificing style. Pair them with some chinos in black, khaki or white (if you’re adventurous), and top off the look with a navy polo. The two navy pieces give you the continuity you need regardless of your pant choice. Navy shoes take the least amount of work when incorporated into off-duty style.

With Her

You’ve been together awhile but you still want to look good for date night. Liven up your look a little with our David Oxford Saddle Shoes with navy saddles. Saddle shoes are already an incredible addition because they harken back to a classic era of athletic style. But they also help you find the balance between fun and seriousness in your look. A navy saddle keeps you appropriately dressed for the occasion without being too stuffy.

Sunday Funday

Maybe there’s a Sunday that includes little more than brunch and day drinking. There’s no reason to get dressed up but you could still use some navy. The Verona Driver Loafer is easy to slip on. It’s as laidback as the vibe of your lazy day and works with just about every look whether you’re in plaid shorts, ripped jeans or khakis.

Navy shoes are a necessary Spring move because navy is such a strong complementary color. Whether you seek formality or relaxation, navy can offer you the style flexibility you need. If you’re looking for a color that can move with you through the various aspects of your busy life, look no further than navy.