Stocking Stuffers Your Man Will Love!

It’s hard to believe the Christmas shopping season is already underway. While big ticket electronics and clothing might be on the top of your list, stocking stuffers are also crucial for holiday gifting. Where the big presents are often anticipated and requested, stocking stuffers represent an element of surprise. It’s important to put some serious thought into these mini-purchases because they can make the holiday more memorable. They’re a chance for you to show off your creativity, but what exactly should you buy? Don’t waste your money on throwaway items. Fill his stocking with things he can actually use. These ideas are great for every guy regardless of his personal tastes.

Stocking Stuffers Your Man Will Love!

Cheyenne Bison Front Pocket Wallet
What guy doesn’t need a wallet? If your guy is like most, he’s been carrying the same wallet for much longer than he should. It probably has frayed edges, torn pockets and lackluster color. This holiday season, gift him with the Cheyenne Bison Front Pocket Wallet. For starters, it’s crafted from genuine American bison leather which is breathable and sturdy. It has a rich texture and the one-of-a-kind bison grain. It’ll stand the test of time and maintain its look despite being shoved in his pockets day in and day out. Also, it has a handy money clip and seven card slots. It’s the perfect wallet for the no-fuss guy that wants a high-quality way to carry his essentials.

Happy Socks®
For young kids, getting socks for Christmas is the equivalent of getting a lump of coal in their stockings. But for your man, he can never have too many. The great thing about Happy Socks is that the patterns are full of vibrant color and abstract design. Socks are a fantastic way to add personality to a look without being tacky or distracting. At just $12 a pair, they’re a small-scale spend that can impact his style for years to come.

Hampton Tab Belt
Belts are one of those items that guys tend to wear until they completely fall apart. He knows he should get a new one but he won’t buy it until he has to. Preempt him and stuff his stocking with a stylish fabric belt like our Hampton Tab Belt. Choose from seven different resort patterns. Crafted with a nylon blend strap and Briar leather tabs, these belts are perfect for off-duty style or casual Friday at the office. Fabric belts are a relaxed alternative to 100% leather belts. Give him something cool to elevate his weekend style.

Tommy John® Underwear
Stocking stuffers for men tend to fall on the more practical side. But trust us, he’ll be thankful for these items-especially new underwear. Like belts, guys tend to run their drawers into the ground before shelling out cash for new ones. Tommy John underwear is great because it’s fabricated to feel like a second skin. It’s made primarily from spandex and micro modal, a soft synthetic fabric. This combination lends itself to 360 stretch and waistbands that don’t leave marks. He can say goodbye to wedgies. And when you purchase a pair, 5% of the proceeds are donated to the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

Harry’s Truman Shaving Set
If your guy is still buying his shaving cream and razors at the local drugstore, he’s probably wreaking havoc on his face. Drugstore razors are cheaply produced, provide poor quality shaves and have to be replaced often. Harry’s is on a mission to change the way men shave. Think of them like the Warby Parker of the shaving world. They’ve cut out the middle man all while creating a higher quality product.The Truman Set

Salter Mini Wallet
For the guy who’s a minimalist, the Cheyenne Bison Front Pocket Wallet might be more than he can handle. Luckily, there’s the Salter Mini Wallet Crafted from one piece of full grain leather, the Salter has 3 card slots and closes simply by tucking the top flap into the front pocket. It’s small, easy to use and perfect for carrying the bare minimum. If your guy prides himself on living a simple life, give him something that can aid in keeping things pared down.

includes a rubberized handle perfect for shower shaving and a 5-blade head. There’s also foaming shave gel included to get started. There’s no doubt he’ll love shaving with the Truman razor. When he’s ready to replace the blades, he can buy them for as little as $2 per blade.

Finding great stocking stuffers for men is all about functionality, quality and practical use. He needs products that will enhance his life but still fit inside his stocking interior. It’s a tall order, but with these top tier products, you’ll accomplish the mission with no problem.