Tote Bags Are For Real Men: 5 Reasons You Need One

For the average guy, the thought of carrying a tote bag seems implausible. More than a messenger bag, the tote bag seems to carry a stigma—an implication that a man can’t be a man with a tote bag in his hand or hanging on his shoulder. Tote bags tend to place last when ranked among more traditionally masculine carryalls like duffel bags and briefcases. However, tote bags are for real men. These bags are for guys who understand the value of great fashion and the useful purpose of a well-designed bag. In fact, the men’s bag industry is one of the most profitable markets in business. It makes up a fifth of the luxury bag category, according to Fortune. These men’s bags, which several guys don’t see as men’s bags, are poised to break the $18 million mark by next year. If anything, those numbers should indicate it’s time to start paying attention. Guys who are leery about carrying a tote bag should heed the following 5 tidbits of information.

Tote Bags Are For Real Men: 5 Reasons You Need One

They’re just as masculine as any other bag.

Just because a bag has large handles doesn’t make it feminine. These handles are sturdily designed so your bag doesn’t give under the pressure of all the things you’re carrying. Our Guilford Waxed Canvas Tote has handles and a base crafted from Briar leather. Furthermore, the bag comes in khaki, natural and navy colors—all hues that are staples of men’s wardrobes.

They’re the most useful.

The biggest draw of a tote bag is its size and ease of access. You can throw everything inside. For guys who spend most of the day away from home, everything from your gym clothes to your laptop can fit comfortably inside. Unlike backpacks or smaller bags like messengers, you can reach in and find your items easily. Where other bags are open and loose, tossing your items around like clothes in the dryer, the tote bag’s rigid horizontal design is perfect for keeping things in order.

They have more personality.

Let’s face it-most men’s bags are boring. They’re designed with a focus on functionality but not style. That’s where tote bags stand out. Bags like our Bentley Leather Tote are stacked with subtle design details that are sure to impress. The Bentley is made from oil tanned leather and finished with beeswax, giving it a natural look. The interior is lined in Phelps plaid, offering just as much style inside as out.

They’re made for an active lifestyle.

Guys on the go need a bag that can hold everything. The Bentley offers details like a 7” zip pocket, a cellphone pouch and an accessories holder—crucial design elements that every busy man needs. If you have a big day ahead and need to bring your entire life along, tote bags are specifically designed to accommodate your needs.

They’re multi-purpose.

Let’s say you care greatly about the environment and work hard to reduce the amount of waste you produce. You prefer to take your own bags to the store in place of the provided plastic bags. A tote bag is great for quick store runs. Toss your items inside and use one less plastic bag. This is style that can also positively impact Mother Nature.

It’s time to let go of the outdated belief that tote bags aren’t for men. They’re designed for our lifestyles and offer more style and function than any other bag on the market.