Transforming a Look from Casual to Dressy On-the-Go

If you’re a busy guy, that means your professional and personal lives are firing on all cylinders. You spend your days bouncing from the office to happy hour and possibly from the golf course to a big meeting. Though it would be easy to wear the same outfit to every event in your packed day, that won’t work. Let’s say you’ve had an afternoon out of the office, and you’ve pared down your look to match the vibe. You’re wearing a pair of dark chinos, a pair of boat shoes and a plain white dress shirt. Your look is simple, modern and stylish. But you have a big meeting with a potential new client at 6. Your look is sharp but it’s far too casual for official business. It’s time for you to transform your look from casual to dressy while you’re on-the-go.

Transforming a Look from Casual to Dressy On-the-Go

Slide into a Blazer

The great news about your look is that you don’t have to start from scratch to create something that looks good. You can forgo a full suit, but a blazer is required. Hopefully, you’ve got one stashed in your bag or hanging in the back of your car. A navy blazer is a great option to keep with you when you have to change up your look. Navy matches just about every color, and it makes any look instantly polished. For extra effect, slip a white square in the blazer pocket.

Change Your Shoes

Boat shoes are comfortable and easygoing, but they’re not for the boardroom. You can stick to a loafer-style shoe, but you need one that’s more formal. The Sundance Bison Leather Driver is hand sewn from American Bison and evokes classic men’s style. It’s just as polished as your navy blazer, and the brown hue creates a nice contrast. For something even more formal, try our Milano Driver Leather HorseBit Loafers. Crafted in the spirit of popular Euro styles, this loafer communicates the same sense of authority as any dress shoe. With just a shoe change, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your look comes together.


The sum of the parts can add up to something great. Think along the lines of your pocket square and add in some additional accessories. A simple, neutral tie can formalize the look even more. A nice leather belt will add some cohesiveness by matching your shoes and pulling the color story through your whole look. Our Colombia Leather Belt matches our Milano shoes nicely, and our Raleigh Bison Leather Belt matches our Sundance shoes. The blazer on its own accomplishes a lot, but with a little assistance from sartorial friends, it can become a cultivated statement.

Try Another Layer

Depending on the weather, you may be able to work in an additional layer. Pull a black sweater over your dress shirt and you’ve arrived in smart casual territory. That’s a great place to be. Smart casual looks are leagues ahead of business casual. They offer up better style and more personality while still turning heads in the workplace.

One look can get you through the day but be prepared to make a few adjustments and keep a handful of style essentials within reach.