Why You Need to Downsize Your Wallet

Are you one of those guys with an embarrassingly oversized wallet? You know the kind. It’s thick enough to be mistaken for a novel. It’s packed with enough compartments and card slots to carry your entire life. It’s so big that your body tilts to the side when you sit down. If any of these statements accurately describe your wallet, it’s time to make a change.

Ideally, your wallet should be used to carry the essentials. One or two cards. Some spare cash. A health insurance card. When it comes to what you’re carrying in your pockets, you need to adopt the principles of minimalism. Less is more. Furthermore, a hefty wallet leaves unsightly creases in your back pants pockets and can make for a rather uncomfortable situation when you’re sitting for long periods of time.

How to Downsize

To significantly shrink your wallet size, you must be brutally honest with yourself. Admit that you’re using your wallet as a hoarding space, and it’s time to free up some room.

Start with all those old receipts. Most guys tend to tuck receipts into their wallets after dinner or while running errands. It initially keeps your pockets clean, but in the long run, it clogs up your billfold pockets. If you need the receipts, put a filing system in place so you can find them as needed. If you don’t need them, toss them in the garbage.

Next, go through all the cards in your wallet. You need a debit card and credit card on you at all times. But you don’t need your loyalty card for the local sandwich shop every time you leave your house. Make a decision about what you need for every trip and keep the loyalty cards in a place that’s easy to access when you need them. This way, you can grab and go when you’re on your way there.

Lastly, get rid of the change. Nothing weighs a wallet down like spare coins. It starts as a penny here or a nickel there. But the next thing you know, you’ve got $5 worth of change in your back pocket. Change makes your wallet bulky and messy. And, it’s highly likely you won’t fish through the mess to find the exact change when you need it most. Keep some type of dish or container in your house so you can toss the change in as soon as you get home

What to Buy Instead

The ultimate way to avoid lugging around a packed wallet is to buy a smaller one. You won’t feel compelled to fill space that isn’t there. Our Cheyenne Bison Front Pocket Wallet is a beautifully textured accessory that comes with a money clip and card slots. It’s luxurious but just right for carting around the essentials.

The Salter US Made Mini Wallet is even smaller, leaving only enough space for the bare essentials—exactly what you need. The Vegas Bison Money Clip is simplistic and ideal for carrying just cash.

The days of carrying around a loaded wallet are over. Now, you can downsize without downgrading. Ditch all that extra weight in style.