The Evolution of Modern Shorts

The Evolution of Modern ShortsNot many garments have experienced as rich a history as shorts.  And few clothing items continue to be debated as heavily.  Popular satirist Fran Lebowitz made headlines in 2015 for her view on men’s shorts.  “Men in shorts are disgusting,” she told Elle magazine.  “There are few things I would rather see less, to tell you the truth.  I’d just as soon see someone coming toward me with a hand grenade.”  Her comments seem harsh (they are), but her reasoning stems from the shorts’ young beginnings. (more…)

Golf Course & Style Tip of the Month

Golf Course and Style Tip of the MonthTPC Sawgrass-The Ultimate Golf Destination

For avid golfers, the experience is about so much more than 18 holes.  The quality of the course can be the difference between a memorable game and a terrible outing.  At TPC Sawgrass, you won’t need to worry about the latter option.  (more…)

The Keys to Great Travel Style

The Keys to Great Travel StyleWhen you hit the road this summer, you have the difficult task of perfecting your travel style.  On one hand, you want to look your best so you don’t look back at your vacation photos in horror.  On the other, you want to make sure your airport experience is seamless and that you’re comfortable while you’re in the air.  To nail great travel style, you need to take an economical approach and find the balance between looking and feeling good. (more…)

Stylish Ways to Get Patriotic

Stylish Ways to Get PatrioticStyle and patriotism haven’t always gone hand in hand.  Some men take the challenge too literally.  Thus, a sea of guys clad in American flag blazers and USA t-shirts descend on beaches and barbecues across the country.  For many, expressing pride in their country often borders on parody.  But there’s a way to show your respect and still look pulled together. (more…)

Dive into Summer with Style

Summer Style BlogWith the change of seasons comes a change in the way you groom.  Believe it or not, summer isn’t as carefree as one would hope when it comes to your skin, hair, and beard.  You need to make adjustments to avoid damage, irritation, and discomfort.  If the sound of this makes you nervous, don’t be.  Though you need to change around a few products, it’s nothing you can’t handle. (more…)