How Bold Socks Can Boost Your Style

How Bold Socks Can Boost Your StyleSocks may be the most underrated part of a man’s wardrobe.  There’s a lot of fuss over shirt patterns, pant fits and suit cuts.  And even when accessories are scrutinized, it’s usually the tie or pocket square that gets the lion’s share of the attention.  Socks are usually an afterthought.  Though that wouldn’t be the case if men understood the power that a pair of bold socks brought to their look.  The perfect pair of socks does more than keep your feet covered.  They’re the single accessory that takes your professional and personal aesthetic into exciting new territory. (more…)

Spring Essentials: Navy Shoes

Spring Essentials: Navy ShoesNavy is probably a part of your wardrobe in some way.  Surely, you have a navy suit hanging in your closet when you need a reprieve from wearing black but you still want the formality it provides.  During the Spring, navy is present in nautical-themed clothing from polo shirts to shorts.  It’s rare to view a Spring/Summer collection that doesn’t include the color in at least a few key pieces.  But one place you haven’t thought to incorporate navy is your shoes.  When you sneak some navy into your outfit via your footwear, it opens up a world of possibility.  Navy is already compatible with almost every color.  When reduced to a smaller supporting role, it can be that singular touch of confidence you need to finish off a strong look. (more…)

The History of the Shag

The History of the ShagYou don’t need to be a resident of the South to know about the history of the Shag.  The highly technical dance first originated as the Carolina Shag but is still widely recognized today as a major category in most dance competitions.  In fact, North Myrtle Beach is home to the annual National Shag Dance Championship each year, the most recent installment of which took place in late January.  It’s a classic dance born out of Southern tradition that’s still a symbol of dance proficiency and fun. (more…)

History of Venetian-Style Shoes

History Of Venetian Style ShoesWhen you think of venetian-style shoes, you might not know exactly what they are.  But you’re undoubtedly familiar with smoking slippers and slip-ons.  You may even have a pair in your closet.  Those are venetian-style shoes.  They’re mid-heel slippers which have an upper that’s open.  The cut of the shoe reveals not only the ankle but also the kick of the foot.  Some styles feature details like tassels or straps.  But regardless of how they’ve been altered, they always evoke sophistication. (more…)

Elk Skin Is the New American Exotic Leather

Elk Skin Is the New American Exotic LeatherWhen it comes to exotic leathers, they’re typically attached to somewhat exotic animals.  Crocodile skin, ostrich, alligator, stingray, snake, lizard—you name it.  But a new exotic leather is taking the market by storm and it doesn’t come from a slimy creature that’s likely to be found in the tropics.  Elk hide is growing exponentially in popularity and with good reason.  There are several benefits that help it rank far above the exotic leathers most Americans are accustomed to wearing. (more…)